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We help unite the commonalities of brands and consumers in a fun, new and engaging way!

Our name “72interactive - Digital Agency Delhi” was derived from 72 dpi (dot per inch) which is the standard resolution for digital mediums like computers, mobiles, digital cameras, etc. Hence 72interactive means the ability to add user experience and interactivity across all digital platform. Interactivity is seen as a key association with new media and digital marketing services as it basically sets apart the 'old' and new medias. Old media could only offer a sit-back type interaction, whereas new media is much more engaging to its audiences. We are the standard for new media.

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Why 72interactive
  • Our unmatched creative dedication to our clients.
  • Over a decade of international experience and partnerships.
  • Our focused understanding of an ever changing industry.
  • A full suite of online and digital marketing services.
  • A structured timeline driven approach.
  • Value coupled with superior results.